About us

Together with you, we are building a user-friendly platform with quality and the privacy of your visitors first. We have started sustainably online to make the latest web technologies accessible and user-friendly for everyone. We use our wild enthusiasm for new technology to develop digital tools that enhance your unique presence on the web.

Often your needs change over time, which can lead to changing site requirements or the desire to experiment. We welcome experimentation and want you to always be able to grow. That's why our sites always grow with you! So it is no problem if your visitor numbers move up or down, whether you have a few hundred visitors per month or per second. You can always decide to start or stop an online store or email marketing.

With sustainable online you only pay for what you need. You never pay too much and don't have to add, upgrade or buy expensive bundles. This way you can launch a webshop without extra costs and your costs only increase when you become a success.

In addition to being a sustainable choice for you(r company), we also ensure that your online presence has the smallest possible CO2 footprint. In the context of a website, this means: no overcapacity, as little code as possible, as few third-party resources as possible and optimized media such as images by default. These four principles are the basis for sustainable online.