The costs for your website or webshop are different every month: you pay €10 per month plus the variable costs for what you really needed, these are the actual usage costs.

Cost calculation examples

Portfolio site

This website has 20 pages of large images, a few videos and about 240 people per month coming to the website looking at 6 pages.

Total per month €10.80

Website + newsletter

This company blogs weekly, and uses their site to attract new customers. They send 2 email campaigns per month to a mailing list of 400 people.

Total per month €11.60

Small webshop

This webshop sells 10 products in 2 different sizes and 3 colors.
40 products are sold every month via iDeal.

Total per month €36.27*
(*including payment provider costs)

Storage and visitors

Every picture you show on a page generates data traffic. The image is also stored somewhere. This storage and user download of the image costs a fraction of a cent.

Sustainable online does everything it can to make this storage and traffic as small as possible. Our systems automatically make images as small as possible and no unnecessary data is sent back and forth.

Transactions webshop

Your payments are always made through our reliable partner. The costs for a successful payment differ per payment method, for example one payment with Mastercard or Visa costs € 0.60 + 1.8% for EU cards.

Payments in your webshop are made via Mollie, this is a party that complies with all guidelines of the European Banking Authority and is under permanent supervision of De Nederlandsche Bank.


One .com domain is included in the fixed costs. We charge costs per year for each additional or separate domain. For the most common extensions, these costs are listed in the table below:

.nl€ 10
.com€ 12
.eu€ 13
€ 10

For all other extensions, inquire about costs.

Email Marketing

With sustainable online you pay for what you use, without complicated subscriptions and limits. The same goes for email marketing: €1.00 per 1000 emails. The number of campaigns and contacts is, of course, unlimited.


One user for e-mail is included in the fixed costs. For each additional user you pay 1 euro per month. Every user can manage an unlimited number of email addresses free of charge.

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